The Beginning

Lets start at the beginning and how Epic Battle Sportz started.  Before we even get into the story of laser tag, lets backtrack about 17 years when 2 friends decided to start an entertainment company.  Jason & Adam worked together at a major theme park in Jackson, New Jersey and both had a similar interest in wanting to run a business and being in the entertainment industry.  From this idea, Skyhigh Entertainment was founded and over the years they produced, directed and performed a number of different shows and ran summer camp specialty programs.

Now fast forward to March 2020.  Everything stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic and so did our ability to produce shows and have our summer camp programs.  Jason & Adam thought long and hard about what their next venture could be, one that could operate in a new type of community where terms like “Social Distancing” was becoming the norm.  They had often talked about one day opening a laser tag club.  So after much research and development, they started on the new laser tag project.

Jason & Adam knew their experience in the entertainment industry was only going to take them so far in the development of Epic Battle Sportz.  They knew they needed to bring in a new element to the game, a realistic factor.  In comes Scott, a former US Marine who could bring in this realistic factor and knowledge to Epic Battle Sportz. 

Fast forward another year and a half to summer 2021 and Epic Battle Sportz is just about ready to start bringing the battle to you.

We will service the South Jersey, Central Jersey, Jersey Shore and Philly areas.  Travel outside these areas may be possible for an additional fee.

We can’t wait to share more about EBS and what makes this unique from other laser tag games out there.

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