Getting Ready

As of today we are ready to go.  It has taken months of planning, strategizing, and talks about how we want to proceed with EBS.  The biggest obstacle to overcome was, what laser tag equipment do we want?

It was months of research and planning as to how we wanted the blaster to look, what functions it should have and how players were going to tag each other.  In the end we decided on a fully wireless and mobile system that allows the battle commander (aka referee) of the game to be able to fully control each player.  If a player is caught cheating, they can be deactivated, or even have the game stopped.

The full details of what we have can be found on the Battle Field page of our website.  Here is a quick overview of what we offer, but to understand each piece of equipment, let’s understand how laser tag works in the first place.

Laser tag utilizes inferred beams to “tag” other plays or create an action to other players or to oneself.  This “beam” is very similar to your TV remote and is completely harmless to people.   Our blasters do have a red light that comes out of it, so you can see where you are aiming and to help guide you.  This light doesn’t really do much during the day, but indoors or nighttime events it certainly helps.

When we worked on the development of our blasters, we had to keep in mind the different hit areas that is required for a laser tag system to work.  So a player has sensors to be tagged on the blaster as well as 2 optional items, the headband and vest.  The headband has 4 sensors and the vest has 6.  These along with the blaster gives opponents 12 ways to tag a player 360 degrees around them, since sensors on the headband and vest are also on the side and/or back.

Our blasters are lightweight and durable, although we don’t want to throw them around.  They are made of a PVC plastic and is complete with a comfortable grip as well as an color LED screen with information for the player during the game.  This info tells the player how many shots they have left, how much health they have and what their score is.  They also have a speaker built in so they can get audio cues as to what team is in the lead, when the game starts or when the game ends.

The blasters, headbands and vests were not enough for us however.  We wanted more elements to the game.  So we got the artifact.  The artifact if a device that can act as different devices depending on the scenario being played.  It can be a base station, provide health to players, cause damage to players, or even be a “capture the flag” type device.  Most scenario that we offer incorporate the artifact into the game to make it more exciting and fun.

We are working on some other devices as well that we will introduce in the future to keep the game new and interesting.  More info will come later on about these.

For now, we hope to see you at one of our events or book us for a private party of your own.

We travel to most locations in Central Jersey and South Jersey, including, Ocean County, Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, Burlington County, Camden County, Atlantic County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County, & Salem County.  We can also travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and to immediate suburbs around there.

If you are outside these areas, please let us know and we can discuss what options we have for your event.

Stay tuned for more info about EBS. 

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