On The Battle Field

Our battle field and laser tag equipment is one reason why we are different from your everyday laser tag club.  We also feature the latest technology.

Falcon F2 Blaster

The Falcon F2 Blaster features a lightweight design that is easy to use for squad members of all ages.  Features an easy to read, full color display that shows the health, ammo and other need to know info during the skirmish.  Another feature to our Falcon Blaser is the recoil action.  You can feel every shot throughout the game.  A small speaker also lets the squad member know if they were tagged, if they tagged another squad member and indicators of when the skirmish starts and ends.

Battle Sensors

Most laser tag clubs feature bulky vests and blasters that are connected by a heavy and cumbersome cable.  Our blaster are 100% wireless and connect to additional battle sensors wirelessly as well.  We offer both our battle band and battle vest for a customizable experience.  Our standard configuration uses both the battle band and battle vest for multiple sensors to hit during a skirmish.  For a private event, you can select both or just one of the battle sensors. 

The Artifact

The Artifact is a unique device that allows your event to have some one-of-a-kind experiences.  One of our favorite features of the Artifact is our “capture the flag” scenario.  This unique laser tag scenario puts the squad members into a unique story, unlike any other laser tag game out there.

The Battle Field

The Battle Field is made up of several inflatable bunkers.  We can create the battle field anywhere you want, from your backyard to any venue you choose.  We can also use natural obstacles to enhance the battle field as well.  Our battle field can be used inside or outside depending on what you choose.