We are very excited to bring this unique, state-of-the-art experience to the South Jersey area.  While you may have played laser tag before – what we bring to you is unlike any other laser tag experience. You can choose to visit our base of operation in south jersey or we are also able to bring the battle to you, wherever you are located. 

Playing in this unique laser tag experience will feel much like being in a live action video game, with an immersive storyline that is ever evolving.  Platoons will need to complete unique challenges, to accomplish a successful mission and achieve a favorable storyline.  

If you want more information on completing your first mission, fill out the form below and General Zee will email you with information on joining the “Epic Battle Army”.

Why join the “Epic Battle Army?”

It's FREE to join!

Special discounts to complete missions

Exclusive Events

Get Promoted to the next rank

Build your leadership & teamwork skills

Develop and make new friendships

Great for ages 7+

Special Birthday Savings

Have FUN